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30 января 2013 09:55
— Dear Alina! I have not been yet able to see you live, but I have fallen in love with you by watching you on youtube! You are magnificent!! I am a dance student myself and watching your videos is enough to inspire me to move forward!
I have a question, but I'm a little shy to ask. Uh ok here it is: is it possible to be a professional dancer without ruining your feet? I have not been dancing on pointe for very long, but it is already a problem. Can you please share any pro advise on keeping your feet pretty and soft?
I hope I will see you perform live in the US! Or even come to Europe to see you!!
Best wishes, Cathy

28 января 2013 23:35
— Alina! your such an inspriratiopn to me! ur so amazing and a beautiful dancer! i am a striving dancer and have done many competions and i want to be just like you! i hope you reply1 thanks!
Алина отвечает:
— Dear Emily!Thank a lot for your words and good luck in our difficult profession!
22 января 2013 23:50
— Здравствуйте Алина, вопрос, быть может, странный, но не Вы-ли были вчера в директорской ложе на ЛО с Ульяной Вячеславовной? И ещё один вопрос: с какой партии Вы хотели-бы вернуться на сцену Мариинки после, пожалуй, лучшего события в жизни?
Алина отвечает:
— Здравствуйте Сергей!
Это точно была не я, так как сейчас я не посещаю театр!По поводу партии, я думаю мы вместе с педагогом решим с чего лучше начать! Сейчас я об этом пока не думала.
6 января 2013 08:54
— You are such an inspiration! So flawless and beautiful by far my favourite ballerina. Is there anything you think about when rehearsals get tough and hard to push through? What is your purpose in ballet why do you love it so much? Thank you!!
5 января 2013 04:27
— You are a phenominal dancer, the best I have ever seen!! I have three questions for you. First, how do you get so flexible? How long have you been dancing? And did you always want to be a dancer??

Oh and when will you be in America next? :)

Алина отвечает:
— Dear Annie! Thank you!
Flexibility it's my natural talent.
I've started dance since 4 years!
I always want to be dancer?! I think, yes!About America,is difficult to answer!

31 декабря 2012 00:24
— You are my favorite dancer ever! You make everything look so effortless and you always finish every step flawlessly. Your feet are gorgeous!! What brand of pointe shoe do you use??
Алина отвечает:
— Thank you very much! I use Gaynor Minden pointe shoes!
christy chow:
30 декабря 2012 19:47
— Hi!!!!!!!Alina!!!!!!I am a ballet lover from china!!!!You're very beautiful.I like your giselle most!!!!!
Алина отвечает:
— Thank a lot!
27 декабря 2012 02:43
— You are beautiful! Your extensions are magnificent and your wrists, hands and fingers are exquisite. Watching you in The Nutcracker (my first experience seeing the Maryinsky ) was a true joy.
Алина отвечает:
— Thank a lot!
Lilian Decloedt:
13 декабря 2012 01:36
— Hii Alina! Im from Brazil, I was a ballerina but i've to stopped to dance cause i am also a musician and i decide to practice just the cello. Anyway, ballet continues to be my love, and i always watch your performances in youtube, you really inspires me artistically, even in the cello, i believe the art is just one thing! My dream is watch you in Russia! :))) You are amazing, bye bye from Brazil!!!
5 ноября 2012 23:06
— Alina you are my favourite dancer!!!! I love you !!!! You have perfect body;) What is your height and weight?
Алина отвечает:
— Thank you! My height 171 and weight 50.

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